Our online courses and events calendar includes all THE ALC Meknes enrolment courses, offered by our offices and technical support centres.
September Intensive 2017

September Intensive-Registration begins July 9th until July 27th and September 11th

  • Classes begin September 11th and end September 21th.
  • Class Time: 18:30 – 21:20 Adult Levels
  • Class Time: 18:30 – 20:30 Teen Levels

2017 Fall Session

Registration begins September 11th until October 7th

  • Classes begin October 6th and end December 16th.
  • Yearly Registration began July 11th

2018 Winter Session

Registration begins December 19th until January 3rd

  • Classes begin January 3rd and end March 11th

2018 Spring Session

Registration begins February 27th until March 20th

  • Classes begin March 20th and end May 27th
  • Schedule changes during Ramadan.

Summer 2018 Intensives

June Intensive:

  • Registrations begin May 15th and end May 29th
  • Classes begin May 29th and end June 14th

July Intensive:

  • Registrations begin June 20th and end June 30th
  • Classes begin July 2nd and end July 20th

Summer Camp 2018 for Young Learners and Teens: Classes begin July 2nd and end July 20th

Our advantages

Whether you’re looking for a rich cultural experience or superior language education, you’ll find both in the exciting environment of ALC Meknes. Here are some of the reasons you’ll be glad you chose ALC.


Over the past 25 years, thousands of students have learned English at ALC Meknes. So strong is our reputation that word-of-mouth is our most effective advertisement.


ALC meknes Center’s prices are among the most competitive in Meknes area. Quality education, however, is never compromised.


Upon course completion, you will receive an attestation that you’ll be proud to present as evidence of your accomplishments.


We require that our instructors meet and surpass the rigorous standards of the US Education Department. All our instructors are highly experienced, and each must complete a thorough orientation prior to teaching with ALC Meknes.


Each branch of ALC Meknes will undergo comprehensive review once every three years. This review will cover the following elements of its program: Mission, Financial Resources, Student Services and Human Resources